Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the list of frequently asked questions regarding text to speech tool and their solutions. We hope you will get your answers here.

As per our privacy policy, we don't store any type of user's personal data on our web server. That's why we can't allow people to download their voice through our text-to-speech tool.

To give speech download functionality, firstly, we need to store the user's conversion speech on our web server, and then the user can download it. But we can't do that. That's why we don't provide a speech download feature.

Solution: You can use any offline voice or mic recorder software to save the voice recitation. You can simply search on Google and easily find some good ones.

Yes, you can share the conversion audio to any other platform.

If you use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browsers, then you can see very few voice options.

Use the "Microsoft Edge" browser to get lots of male and female voice options for different countries.

You can simply use the Speed slider to increase or decrease the voice recitation speech.

No, there is no limit on inputting or entering the text data for conversion. But for more convenience, don't enter very large text or paragraphs. Because it will slow down the tool and you can't get the proper result.