Free Text to Speech Online

The text to speech (TTS) online is a free reader that allows you to convert your text into a natural-sounding voice.

About Online Text to Speech Converter

The online text to speech tool helps to convert the written text into realistic speech or voice easily. Also, there is no word limit or restrictions. You can listen to a single word or a big paragraph smoothly.

The tool uses a speech synthesizing technique in which the text is first converted into its phonetic form. Our database already has the human audio for all the phonetics. The matching phonetics and their sounds are adjoined and as a result, you can hear the transcripted voice.

Free Text to Speech or Voice Reader Online

Why Use Text to Speech Reader?

  • Audio Clarity: The output audio is transparent and high quality. Therefore, anyone can easily recognize each character or word. No one will find it difficult to understand the speech.
  • Natural-Sounding Voice: The tool returns the natural human voice as an output. You can also get many options to choose the voice's gender or accent.
  • High-Speed Conversion: The conversion process takes less than a second to convert the given text into speech. However, it depends on your Internet speed. But our tool is lightweight and also gives instant conversion results with a slower connection.
  • Easy to Use: We have put simple 4 buttons to operate the tool. Play, Stop, Copy, and Clear. Also, the user interface is simple. So, anyone can easily go through the tool.
  • No Login or Signup Required: You don't need to log in or sign up to use the tool. Simply type or paste the text and hear it. It's completely free to use.
  • Browser Compatibility: Our tool works on almost all web browsers. To get more voice options, use the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Mobile Responsive: The text to voice reader is mobile-friendly and smoothly works on all handy devices such as smartphones and iPads.

Where Does the Text to Voice Tool Used?

  1. Alternative to Reading: If you like to listen rather than read, then this tool will be very useful for you. Put all the texts into the tool and listen to them.
  2. Learn Pronunciation: It's used to learn the proper pronunciation of words. Paste the word and listen to it. You can also change the accent to know how the word sounds in different dialects.
  3. Best for Visually Impaired Persons: Blind people or kids who struggle with reading can use this tool to hear the text conversion.
  4. Decrease Linguistic Dialect: Some people are familiar with a particular form of a language. So, it makes it difficult for them to adapt to the other forms. Using this tool, they can decrease that barrier and learn new forms of speaking easily.
  5. Voiceovers for Videos: If you are a content creator then you can use our text to voice tool for creating natural voiceovers for your videos. It saves time as well as money.

How to Use the Text to Speech Converter?

There are four steps that you need to follow to use this tool. Let's discuss each one by one.

1. Enter Text

When you open the tool, there is a big input box at the top of the page. You can enter or paste your text in this box.

Enter Text
2. Select Speed

The next step is to choose the speed of the voice. You can use the slider to increase or decrease the speech speed. Drag right to speed up and drag left for speed down.

Choose Speed Level
3. Select Language and Gender

There is a dropdown option where you can choose the speech-language and gender (male or female).

Select Language and Gender
4. Play, Pause/Resume, Stop

Lastly, you can click on 'Play' button to start and listen the conversion audio. Also, you can 'Pause/Resume' and 'Stop' the speech conversion anytime.

Play, Pause/Resume, Stop